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Power demand soars in Delhi

The searing heat in Delhi once again pushed the ever-rising power demand to a new high of 5,454MW on July 2, power officials said, adding that the consumption will cross the projected demand of 5,500MW.

"Once again, the the power demand has broken all the records, peaking at 5,454MW," said a power department official.

The demand on July 2 surpassed the 5,389MW demand June 26, which was the 10th time the power demand had surged to a new high in the month of June.

Until now, the highest-ever demand had been 5,028MW in August 2011.

The peak demand for power reached 2,831MW in 2001, and has continued to increase since then.

In 2012, the projected consumption of power has been pegged at 5,500MW, which might soon be crossed.