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PHD-PITEX 2012: Great response on Day 1

The first day of the five-day long PHD - Punjab International Trade Expo (PITEX), Thursday, December 6, 2012, saw an overwhelming response from the visitors, according to the exhibitors.

The fair, which is being held at Amritsar, will conclude on December 10.

“We are getting very positive responses from the visitors. We have had over 100 visitors so far at our counter, of which over 60 have made purchases. People, especially women, are very fond of Pakistani duppattas, and are ready to buy the different types that we have for sale at our counter. It is just the beginning of the fair, and the response is more than what we had expected,” says Irfan Begum, a Pakistan-based participant.

“We have had over 70 visitors, and over half of them have bought kitchenware items from our counter. We expect more customers during the rest of the day,” says Suhaas Deskmukh from Delhi.

“A lot of traders have visited our counter, and bought marble items. Some youngsters, too, have also made purchases from us. We are extremely happy to see the response,” says Sunil Bhardwaj, a Rajasthan-based trader of marble items.

“Pakistani footwear is famous among the women in India. A lot of young girls, have visited us, along with their friends and family, and have bought our footwear. We are getting a very good response from the customers," says Mohammad Azzez from Lahore.

"We participate in the trade fair every year, and always get a great response from the local customers,” Mohammed says.