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Petrol prices go up

Petrol prices have been hiked by INR6.28 per litre, exclusive of taxes, effective midnight, it was announced on May 23. Among the taxes levied is sales tax, which varies between 15 percent and 33 percent in various states.

The prices will rise between INR7.54 and INR7.98 in the four metros following the base price hike of INR6.28 per litre exclusive of taxes, effective from midnight, May 23.

The revised petrol prices in the four metros are:

New Delhi: Current Price: INR65.64; Revised Price: INR73.18; Difference: INR7.54

Mumbai: Current Price: INR70.66; Revised Price: INR78.57; Difference: INR7.91

Kolkata: Current Price: INR70.03; Revised Price: INR77.88; Difference: INR7.85

Chennai: Current Price: INR69.55; Revised Price: INR77.53; Difference: INR7.98