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Pakistani delegation brings hope to local traders

The arrival of a 17-member Pakistani delegation into India, through the Attari land border, is a positive sign for greater trade prospects for both countries, according to trade bodies. Relations between the two countries hit rock bottom following the 2008 terrorist attack on India’s financial capital, Mumbai.

 The delegation includes parliamentarians who would meet their counterparts here to discuss various trade related issues, custom officials said.

“There are several things in the negative list for trade to Pakistan. The talks between the representatives of both the countries could bring some changes in the trade list,” said Amrit Lal Jain, president of Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal, a trade body that represents businessmen hailing from the western Punjab state, on the India-side of the border.

Talks might improve relations between both nations further benefitting bi-lateral trade, Jain said.

 “There are various items that can be exported to Pakistan if they allow us to send them. It will not only build strong relations but will bring financial profits to the traders at both the sides,” said R.K. Goel, a tea trader.

 “Jalandhar’s sports industry is declining and could revive only if both countries agree on the trade of sports goods between them. A dialogue between the members of the Pakistani delegation and their counterparts in India could improve growth in the sports industry,” said Vipan Mahajan, general secretary of the Sports Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

 The Pakistani delegation comprises of 35 members and the families of parliamentarians, said Amanjeet Singh, assistant commissioner, Customs Department Amritsar.

 The delegation would visit various cities across India alongside meeting with officials at government ministries, Singh said.