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OWN eyes to redefine the idea of water purifier

A healthy dollop of innovative technology can change the very concept of an established idea and that is exactly what OWN is - a water purifier with the right mix of health and technology, specially designed to fit into today's modular kitchens.

The product is the brainchild of Mahesh.V.Hegde, a professional with over 12 years of experience in the water purifying industry and Vivek Shenava, whose years of experience in the tech space is clearly visible in the intelligent innovations incorporated in OWN. The company has two production units currently with over 100 employees and is looking for a turnover around Rs. 250 crores annually. In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, the directors of OWN explain their product and elaborate their plans:

OWN is different, how?

OWN’s USP lies in its design and experience as it offers a compact size-zero design element that perfectly fits onto any kitchen wall. Its three colour options complement any kitchen wall and with the most modern technological advancement, we are able to incorporate human-like intelligence in a water purifier. The humanoid interface comprising the voice alert, digital display, touch screen and aquamatic make it a water purifier with beauty and brains.

OWN is the first water purifier with a tapless flow. Its service on “missed call and SMS-on-service” only needs a missed call or SMS to the customer care executive and they’ll get back to the users with complete assistance.

The components which go into building this water purifier are certified and quality spares.  OWN promises consumers safe and pure drinking experience. It uses the touch LED user interface which dispenses desired amount of pure water and is available in 3 colour tones, the ruby, slate grey and the sapphire.

Target customers:

Own is a product targeted to urban sector. It’s a modular/modern kitchen ready purifier.

How do you plan to educate people about clean drinking water?

Wide educational campaigns will be carried out by our marketing agencies through ad campaigns. In our efforts to educate people about the advantages of RO, consumers will be made abreast of drinking safe and pure RO water through various media programs. OWN's in-house R&D is consistently working towards providing technologically advanced domestic water purifiers to provide the consumers safe and clean drinking water. Water testing will be carried out extensively and consumers will be educated on drinking pure and safe water.

An overview of the Indian water purifier market

Unsafe drinking water is one of the major health hazards in the country. High nitrate concentration is a warning signal in Karnataka, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and many other places.  Indian water purifier industry has witnessed an exponential growth of more than 22 percent CAGR over the last couple of years. The Indian water purifier market is expected to scale up to Rs. 7,000 crore by 2015 as against Rs. 3,200 crore at present. However, by 2016, offline water purifier segment is expected to grow at a very rapid pace and increase its share to about 38 percent of the total market. It is a key focus area for water purifier manufacturers for the large target customer base it offers and it’s expected to continue its rapid growth.

What is that market share that OWN eyes to grab?

As a player in the RO water purifier, our focus will be on to provide world class water purifiers and to be one of the leading water purifier manufacturers in India providing clean and safe drinking water. We will try to capture a major hold in the rural and urban water purifier market in 3-4 years period.