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MTDC to train one lakh workers in tourism sector

In a bid to better satisfy tourists visiting Maharashtra and to enhance tourism in the state, the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) is all set to help train nearly one lakh workers in various sectors related to tourism.

Trainers from private as well as government institutes will be roped in for the training, which will be undertaken as a part of the National Skill Development Mission (NSDM) in the state of Maharashtra. The budget for this initiative is yet to be determined.

Nearly 45 lakh workers from 10 different sectors across Maharashtra will be trained, which includes the one lakh workers from the tourism sector. These workers will be chosen from both the organized and unorganized sectors, and will include auto rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, life guards and hotel staff, among others. The training will help upgrade the skills of these workers, particularly the behavioural aspect.

Jagdish Patil, the Managing Director of MTDC, stated: “Modules spanning two to four weeks have been planned. A part of the unemployed section will also be trained using modules of longer duration."

Speaking about the initiative, Kishori Gadre, the General Manager of MTDC, stated: "The tourism industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and many in the sector are not formally trained. Workforce in the lower rung of the organised sector and those in the unorganised sector do not receive any training in their vocation. Our focus will be on training lifeguards and guides.”

Source: The Times of India


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