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Middle East: Good market for Indian tobacco exports

The Indian Tobacco Board has stated that the Middle East (ME) has considerable potential for the export of tobacco and related products, reports The Times of India. The Board plans to increase tobacco exports to the ME to a double-digit figure, from the current five percent of total exports.

Kamalavardhan Rao, Chairman of The Indian Tobacco Board, stated: "Our exports to the Middle East have been just around INR100 crore to 110 crore of the total INR3,000 crore exports from India. Since there are a good number of big players in these countries, we have bright chances of increasing exports."

Presently, Europe is the largest importer of tobacco products from India, closely followed by Africa and the US. Europe imports nearly 50 percent of the total tobacco products exported by India.

To achieve its export objective, the Board set up an exclusive outlet to showcase the industry’s products at the global tobacco expo that began in Dubai on April 2. Sanjay Verma, Indian Consul General in Dubai, inaugurated the outlet. Verma appreciated this move by the Board.

The Board also facilitated trade negotiations between Indian tobacco merchants and businessmen from Middle Eastern countries like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran and Greece, at the expo.

The event was attended by leading tobacco exporters from India like Mittapalli Umamaheswara Rao, Tadisetty Muralimohan, Bommidala Enterprises, Tejaram Dharampal , Sopariwala and Empire Tobacco.

Source: The Times of India