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Kerala Tourism Department plans monsoon festivals

The onset of the monsoon season in Kerala renders the state extremely pretty, and a haven for nature lovers. Monsoon in Kerala is considered to be a spectacle to behold, as the state receives both north-east and south-west rains.

Deccan Chronicle states that the monsoon is a good time for budget-conscious travellers to visit the state, as accomodation and fares are comparitively lower. With the onset of the rains, which are expected to hit Kerala on June 5, Ayurveda centres across the state will offer rejuvenation packages and herbal foods that keep consumers healthy for a year.

Keeping this in consideration, the Kerala Tourism Department is developing a plan to promote tourism in the state in the rainy season. The Department plans to organise a Monsoon Food Festival, a Monsoon Music Festival and a Monsoon Theatre Festival, to attract a greater number of domestic and international tourists to the state.