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Jaipur’s blue pottery industry benefits from state support

Government support has helped Jaipur’s blue pottery industry grow in size and scale, and is now counted among the things that help put Jaipur on the global map. Blue pottery is now very popular among the tourists visiting Jaipur, said manufacturers.


Blue pottery is made out from an Egyptian paste, which is mixed with stone powder, powdered glass, and Fuller’s earth.
This industry has over 250 units in Jaipur and employs 10,000 people creates items such as ashtrays, vases, plates, toothbrush stands, lamps, bathroom fittings and other items of household use.
“This industry is growing because the people now know about this form of art. Our state government is helping us a lot in promoting this art. We export goods to Denmark, Egypt, US, Australia, UK,” said Mukesh Arora, a Jaipur-based manufacturer and supplier of blue pottery items.
“Earlier There were just 20 manufacturing units while today the industry is 250 strong. We were facing many problems such as the lack of recognition, lack of infrastructure. The government is helping small to midsize manufacturers in their growth”, said Jitinder Yadav, a blue pottery manufacturer in Jaipur.
Blue pottery items are priced between Rs.150 and Rs.15,000 in Jaipur. ”Exports aside, the tourists who come from various parts of the world shop for these items from us. Most of the tourists come during this season (from October to March),” said Saurav Aggarwal.
Rakesh Kumar a dealer in pots and ceramic items in Delhi said that nine out of 10 people visiting his store demand for blue pottery items. “Their design and the colour combinations make them attractive.