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International designers not a threat to Indian brands: Jeffrey Doltis

International brands and designers are foraying into the Indian market with full force, but the trend is harmless for local designers in the country, feels Jeffrey Doltis, owner of Italian fashion brand 40 Savile House, which opened shop In India in 2011.

"I don't think that international brands are affecting Indian designer brands," Doltis told IANS in an interview.

"I believe that all brands have a different taste to offer to the clients, and this leaves less scope for similarity. With so many options available, people will have the luxury to get their hands on the best pieces," he added.

Doltis feels that the Indian consumer is more aware of the luxury market than ever before.

"The Indian market is exploding in terms of luxury, and the main reason for this is that the Indian costumer is travelling more nowadays. Indian fashionistas are much more sophisticated than they were 10 years ago," he said.

His brand, 40 Savile Row, offers one-of-its-kind tailoring of suits and shirts based on the world-famous road Savile Row in London.

In India, it is currently being retailed through SBJ, a fashion house by entrepreneurs Vandy and Manoj Mehra.

SBJ also sells other brands like Ajas, Lounge, Conciethe, Elipson, Wilson Benesch, Gaudi Italia, Massimo Rebecchi, Daniele Alessandrini, Jewels by Queenie and Study By Janak's Women's Couture.

Doltis feels that the association with SBJ will help his brand in strengthening ties between Italy and India, and create employment.

"This type of business relationship helps to grow businesses and employ skilled people - both in India and at home. In an increasingly competitive world, it is an example of how local companies can continue to grow their business," he said.

"I chose SBJ to retail in India because we both share same concepts of making clothes. They have their own factory, so we don't have to worry about quality of fabric," he added.

Doltis plans to launch a flagship store of his brand here next year.

"We hope to open our flagship store next year, and that will be through SBJ," he said.