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Interem: The relocation friend

The relocation industry is an area where a lot of trust is required between the service provider and the customer. Over the past few years, this segment is evolving into a much bigger service offering to the end customer than it ever was. As one of the leading companies in this trade - one of the first multinational firms in this domain, too - Interem offers great support to the Indian consumers.

Interem identified India as an emerging market and started its operations in the year 1997 from Mumbai. In the last 15 years of its journey, it steadily became the leading relocation company offering one-stop solutions for all relocation needs across major cities in India.

In an exclusive interview with SupportBiz, Rahul Pillai, Country Manager, Interem, shared a glimpse of the industry trends and opportunities.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

What are the key opportunities that you foresee in the Indian relocation market?

The relocation industry in India is growing rapidly. The market is full of opportunities.

The corporate world is a great catalyst for this industry. Nowadays, we are witnessing huge potential for relocation services from corporate clients. Employees who get relocated from one place to another are being supported with various relocation services, and their expenses are taken care by the organization they work with.

Another great opportunity for our kind of relocation service organization is due to the fact that a lot of individuals possess an expensive number of items. When they opt to relocate, they prefer to hand over their valuable possessions to a professional who can take care of them and ensure their security. We see this as a great opportunity for our business.

What are the market trends you are presently witnessing?

We are witnessing a high level of customer preference towards ensuring better handling of their possessions. There is a growing percentage of individuals who are involved in making decisions about logistics support. We call this market category the B2C segment for our business. We are witnessing considerable growth in this category. In this model, individual customers are the sole decision makers, and they decide on the kind of relocation service they need.

In the B2B category, we deal with corporate organizations and finalise a deal for their employees.

Secondly, we have also entered into a new segment of storage services for household goods. In this service, we offer storage support to the customers for their household products, through a warehouse. This lets the customers vacate their house completely and start earning rental income on the property at the earliest. This facility is being well accepted by our customer base, as it offers great value to the consumer. This service is live in the top eight cities of India.

How has your business been growing over the last few years?

The last few years have been very good for our business. Since the last three years, we are growing at the rate of 20% year-on-year. I expect that we will grow at the same pace in the coming years, too.

Interem, as an organization, feels great in having more than 100 Fortune 500 companies across the world as its clients. This has given us the opportunity to relocate household goods for more than 50,000 transferees.

You have recently also entered into providing turn-key solutions for relocation for your customers. Please share some details about this.

Yes, we have also started providing a complete turn-key relocation service for our customers. Here, we not only offer logistics support to our customers, but also comprehensive support to the customer in order to let him and his family completely settle down in a new city. From the selection of a school and securing admission for the kids to getting a gas connection, we provide a range of service offerings to our customers. This is a great area to work with, and we expect great action for our business through this.