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Indo-Pak trade improves at Attari border

The bilateral trade between India and Pakistan has improved a lot at the Attari land border so far, this year. There has been a major increase in the trade between the two countries, according to an official at the border.


“A major improvement has been seen in the export of goods, while there has been a minor increase in the imports. Exports and imports have increased by 34% and 1.8% respectively, as compared to the corresponding period during the previous year,” says the manager of Central Warehouse Corporation, ICP, Attari.

“Earlier, we used to export vegetables, soya, onions and bales of cotton only, and we largely imported fruits. Now, we also export polymer granules and newsprint, and import liquid soda and hydrogen peroxide too,” he says.

“The launch of the Integrated Check Post at the Attari land border has brought about major changes in trade. It has greatly promoted the trade between the two countries. Presently, we import over 120 trucks of large capacity every day, and export more than 200 trucks daily,” he adds.

“I have been exporting vegetables to the traders in Pakistan for many years now, but there has been a major improvement in the trade and facilities at the border of late,” says Satinder Singh, an Amritsar-based trader.



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