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Indian SMEs are yet to embrace advanced biz solutions: Vijaykumar

Most of the small scale businesses in the country are not quite ready yet to embrace technological opportunities for various reasons ranging from their ignorance of its potential to the skepticism on the rate of return of the investment.

Acknowledging the same, Vijaykumar, Founder & CKO of Aequitas Global says implementation is the key challenge that decides the success or failure of the system or technology adoption. Aequitas Global offers end-to-end strategic business solutions and services for SMEs, helping them scale up their growth potentials.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Vijaykumar shares his views on the opportunities and challenges of technological advancement of MSME and gives an overview on what his firm offers to the SMEs.

How welcoming are MSMEs towards advanced technologies and internet opportunities to market themselves?

We have clients who have invested their efforts and time in advanced technologies – technologies that are the best in their industry, which are adopted & accepted by industry leaders. But in ground reality, there is no acceptance and poor adoption within startups/SME organization, due to challenges which were not foreseen in the pre-implementation study. Implementation has been a challenge that decides the success or failure of the system or technology adoption.

Most of the founders in nontechnology space are not tech savvy. Their investments are valuable and we support them to invest at the right place so that it could bring a change in their business. For example, a website could be a post box address listing space or virtual experience centre for a client to understand what you offer.  SME's are yet to explore this in a better way. They need enhanced guidance on this.

MSME management is often a one-man show for various reasons including cost reduction. How do you educate/convince them on the need for an advanced solution like yours?

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people who can think differently. They have all the capabilities and skills but still have challenges in implementation. This requires hands on experience.  We try to analyze the mindset of the entrepreneur and viability of the project, ensuring that we add value to them in their journey. We are not measuring the rate of success or failure but we measure the commitment and openness of the entrepreneur and their team. We compliment their efforts in marching towards their dreams.

What are the products and services Aequitas Global offers to the SMEs and how do they differ from the larger lot?

We have thoroughly understood the business challenges of startups and SMEs and have evolved into an end-to-end solution provider. We now offer services from idea validation, new product, new markets, PR for SME's, pricing, investment services, procurement and more. We help the entrepreneur grow their business and in transitions from one stage to another - small to medium industry where the challenges are mostly handled as human errors, as it is unplanned. Our other services include M&A between the SME's. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for Start-up's and SME's just in time when they are looking for support.

We deliver what we promise so we own the change, which we propose after our analysis considering various micro and macro level factors influencing the businesses. The entrepreneur and their team are part of the implementation process so that they could continue the efforts once we hand over the project to them after the successful initial kick start. It is this idea of ownership that drives us to continue our support to all our clients even after the project duration.

Are your solutions affordable for small businesses?

It is a common myth that consulting is about trading time for money. We ignored this model and worked differently. If any entrepreneur is really committed to solve valuable and real problem, we have different pricing models matching their requirements even if they are penniless.  Our clients are happy with our pricing for the simple fact that we have delivered value to them, have solved their problems and help them realize their business objectives.

How can SMEs benefit from your Outsourcing solutions? Do you offer On-Demand CXO level services?

In all our outsourcing solutions (HR, BDO, Legal, Finance, Digital Media Marketing, Smart Power-Vendor Identification Services, Public Relation, Virtual Support Solutions, Market/Product/Service Validation) we bring in the industry intelligence through our research work. We are working with few clients offering on demand CXO services.

An overview of the company and its immediate objectives:

Aequitas Global is a research oriented strategic business solutions and services organization helping start-ups and SME's manage their challenges and grow. Our focus is to minimize the uncertainty prevailing in various forms in the entrepreneurship environment at micro and macro level by internal capacity building through research. This way we believe there will be more entrepreneurs who will succeed and provide better solutions for the development of the society.

We are a fourteen-member team, born and brought up within the SME eco system. Currently, we are operating from Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. We are planning to expand to Delhi and Hyderabad within this calendar year. We will strategically expand our operations to Singapore and New York that will enable us to offer new services and solutions to our existing and future clients.

We started in March 2009 with a research project, focusing on changing the business environment and not just the business. We are a knowledge organization keenly focusing on identifying the bottlenecks faced by entrepreneurship and SME's and providing solutions for the same. We consistently strive to add value in our services to our clients.


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