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How to use e-mail for effective marketing

With the rising popularity of social media marketing, e-mail marketing has taken a backseat. However, e-mail marketing does have several benefits, and can prove to be quite an effective tool for a start-up. Here are some ways in which a start-up can pro-actively use e-mail marketing to further its customer relationships and grow.

Introductory e-mail

Irrespective of whether you got a potential customer’s e-mail ID through a trade show, or through a form on your website, a good introductory e-mail is a must.

Inform him/her in brief about your company and your products and/or service, and thank them for showing interest, if applicable. Ensure that the body of the e-mail and its subject line grabs their attention instantly.

Process e-mail

Once a customer has placed an order with you, you should send a process e-mail to him/her, with details of the transaction – product/s ordered, the total cost of the order, the approximate date as well as mode of delivery.

If delivery could get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, you should send another e-mail informing the customer of the delay and apologising for the same.

Feedback e-mail

After an order has been delivered, you could send the customer an e-mail asking for their feedback on your product and/or service. This could be a veritable source of information to you about where your business stands in the minds of your customers.

Announcement e-mail

Before you undertake any major event, such as a product launch or a sale or a special offer for privileged customers, it is necessary to send an announcement e-mail to your customers to inform them of the same.

Catalogue e-mails

Whenever you launch a new product, or whenever there is a need to remind your customers of the range of products and / or services that you offer, it is a good idea to send across an e-mail with a detailed catalogue. This will keep your products and/or services fresh in the customers’ memories, and they can get any information that they want about them at the click of a mouse.


Newsletters are a great way of building a relationship with your customers. Newsletters are nothing but e-mails containing interesting titbits about how your industry is progressing, and how you are contributing to it. Ensure that your newsletters do not end up being an advertising medium for your company. Rather, get creative and design your newsletters in a way that will keep your customers engaged.