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Himachal Pradesh to diversify tourism

The government of Himachal Pradesh is planning to diversify its tourism to include newer and lesser-known areas, most of which are rural, The Hindu reports. This announcement was made by state Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal during a road show organised in Kolkata to promote Himachal Pradesh tourism.

“We are hopeful that our efforts will not only promote rural tourism but also diversify tourists to rural or new areas and decongest the over saturated stations,” Dhumal stated.

Dhumal stated that, as a part of this project, the state Tourism Department and the Department of Rural Development would work together to develop infrastructure in the areas of emerging tourism interest.

He also stated that the government was working on a 20-year Perspective Tourism Master Plan for the state.

Dhumal said that tourism in the state of Himachal Pradesh presently largely fell into the categories of eco tourism, adventure, rural and religious tourism, with nearly 4.85 lakh international visitors recorded in 2012.

“On the whole the government is committed to sustainable tourism with special emphasis on diversification, accessibility and to create job opportunities among the local youth,” Dhumal stated.

Source: The Hindu