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HHV Solar develops portable solar power generator

Clean energy solutions provider HHV Solar Technologies has developed a portable solar photovoltaic power generator with 600W capacity for emergency use in remote locations and disaster management.

"The portable generator, weighing 415kg, can be air-lifted or transported to remote locations or disaster areas for emergency deployment to provide electricity in the absence of direct power supply from a local sub-station or grid," HHV Solar chairperson Prasanth Sakhamuri told IANS.

Touted to be the first-of-its kind solar-based product in the country, the Solarator is a trailer-mounted green source of power, which lasts five-six hours.

"In a tropical country like India, which gets solar energy for nearly 10 months in a year, the portable power generator is an ideal substitute for diesel-fuelled power generators that emit harmful noise and smoke," Sakhamuri said.

With 2kWh output from 600W input, the product can also be used by infrastructure firms at project sites where there is no conventional power supply through the grid.

"Our portable solar power generator can be deployed by the armed forces in border areas or for rescue and relief operations at any mishap place where there is no access to conventional or alternative power supply," Sakhamuri pointed.

The privately-held company has invested about INR50 crore to set up its manufacturing facility at Dobbespet on the city's outskirts to roll out the product, priced at between INR3.2 lakh to INR4 lakh.

"The photo-voltaic panels mounted on the portable generator converts sunlight into electricity without causing noise or air pollution. A fully sealed water proof compartment at the bottom of the trailer houses all electronics and electricals to prevent any short circuit," the executive pointed out.

The generator's two solar modules use mono crystalline silicon cells to generate 300W power each by converting sunlight into electricity.

During transport, the modules are folded compactly and unfolded at the location use to catch the sun's rays.

"A 300Ah, sealed, maintenance-free battery bank is used to store the power generated. The battery bank offers 24V DC which can be converted through an inverter to 230V AC. The inverter can also be used to recharge the battery via the mains, if charging from the sun is not possible due to overcast skies in the daytime," Sakhamuri added.

To make a foray into the global solar photovoltaic market, the company has leveraged on the expertise of its parent firm, Hind High Vacuum Company, which is a leader in vacuum science and photovoltaic technology.