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Hassle-free cargo clearance at Cochin Port now

In the wake of numerous complaints by the Kerala diaspora against foreign freight forwarders, mainly from Middle East countries, authorities have issued fresh guidelines for hassle-free cargo clearance at the Cochin Port.

The consignor should find out specifically the identity of the counterpart of the freight forwarder in Kochi, Cochin Port authorities said. The credentials of the cargo handler in the country of origin as well as his counterpart in India should be checked by the importer, a Cochin Port Trust release said.

The Cochin Port came out with the fresh guidelines following reports that some of the freight forwarders operating abroad, mainly in Middle East countries, suddenly disappear, leaving the importers cheated.

People abroad who entrust their goods to the agencies offering the lowest price without checking their credentials are often cheated.

The port has asked the people to check the list of registered customs house agents at Kochi from website www.cchaa.org.

They have also asked the consignor to directly contact the freight forwarder's counterpart in Kochi, ascertain the charges being levied, and also demand that once the container has arrived at the terminal here, he be immediately informed.

The port authorities have also informed that charges for a 20-feet full container load would be USD3 a day for the first three days, and from the fourth day to the 15th day, it would be USD6 a day. Beyond that, it would be USD12 a day.