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Granite industry is on a positive growth track: R. Shivakumar

Established in 1976, Kumar Group has grown into a leader in locating, developing and executing good quality dimension granite rough blocks of various colors and textures in South India.

The company has thirteen quarries in South India from where it exports premium granites and iron ore to various countries across the globe. Angle, Beryl, Flamingo, Himalayan Blue, Paradiso, Pink Fantasy, Queen Rose, Red Multi-Color are some of the rare, exclusive granites Kumar Group exports today. The Company procures Red Multicolor and Juparana type granites from its quarry near Kanakapura, Pink Fantasy, Queen Rose granites near Mandya, Himalaya Blue near Koppal and Paradiso Quarry near Krishnagiri.

One of the core focuses of the company, as its Chairman and Managing Director R. Shivakumar states, is to introduce the latest quarrying technology advancements into the operation.

“We never shied away from technological advancements, we rather incorporates them to boost our productivity and we are quite updated about the advancements,” Shivakumar said. 

The granite products are being exported to many countries including Belgium, China, Holland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Spain, Japan and Taiwan. Kumar Group of companies also own iron ore and manganese ore mines apart from exporting iron ores by purchasing from various mines.

“We have some exclusive type of granites that we are exporting to the European countries. We have a very positive year-on-year growth. Not just the export, our domestic market is very strong and it contributes largely to our revenue,” Shiva Kumar said.

The industry, roughly valued to be around Rs. 8000 cores, employees nearly 250,000 people in Karnataka alone. Since most of such business endeavors are based in rural places, rural employment is quite high. Kumar Group has around 170 employees in Karnataka.

Shivakumar is the president of the Karnataka chapter of All India Granites and Stone Association (AIGSA) apart from being an E.C. member of AIGSA.