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Five Demands From Nagpur MIDC Hingna industries

At a meeting held at MIDC Industries Association, Nagpur on November 29, the President of the association, Mayank Shukla listed some of the pressing issues faced by the industry and the estate in Hingna.

1)   Urgent need to decentralize decision-making powers. For the smallest matters cases were being forwarded to Mumbai, which halted work and industries were failing to deliver on time. He demanded for a State-level Udyog Mitra meeting, during the Assembly session to resolve the issues pending with respective departments.

2)   The rates of plots in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) have increased by up to Rs 1,500 per square meter and there is no land available in MIDC, Hingna. The miniscule area available is being given away by the means of auction over the base rate. This prevents genuine unit holders from expansion, while encouraging unwanted trading of land. 

3)   The 45 percent hike in water rates by MIDC is unjustified. The last increase was in March 2013 on the pretext that MSEDCL started levying electricity charges on commercial rates which was earlier on industrial basis for water processing. We fail to understand as to how water used in industries will be treated as commercial activities for the purpose of levying electricity charges.

4)   MIDC should set up a common effluent treatment plant in Hingna as 200 units face a bleak future. It will require an investment of Rs 15 crore to Rs 20 crore for MIDC.

5)   In the fiscal 2012-13, the Mandatory Tax Audit Limit was raised from Rs 60 lakh to Rs 1 crore by the Central Government. However, the Mandatory VAT Audit Limit has not been changed. “We are unable to enjoy the benefit of Tax Audit Limit exemption. This issue needs to be addressed immediately. The State Government imposes penalty if VAT returns are not filed on the scheduled dates. On the contrary, VAT refunds have not been settled for longer periods. This issue should also be raised in the Assembly.