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Entrepreneurial lessons from Chumbak

Being an entrepreneur is a journey fraught with trials and tribulations. That said, the journey of an entrepreneur is full of lessons – most of them learnt the hard way – which could be of great value to other aspiring business-people. SupportBiz presents the most important entrepreneurial lessons from Shubhra Chaddha, founder of Bangalore-based Chumbak.

NOW is the time!

I am constantly in awe of how much the society and the corporate world has opened up of late. I love the opportunities, the societal support, networking and marketing platforms available to the entrepreneurs of today. The scenario was quite different a few years ago!

I would say NOW is the time to begin a new venture, if you are planning to. There is no better time. This is an amazing period for potential entrepreneurs to kick-start their business.

Be passionate

Don’t become an entrepreneur just because it is the ‘in thing’. Become one only if you are really passionate about your idea and are driven by it.

There have been times at Chumbak when I have been extremely low – tough times when all you want to do is quit. My passion and belief in Chumbak kept me going through these days of strife.

Get your hands dirty!

I have been involved in each and every operation of Chumbak right from Day One – from packing a product to marketing it and raising an invoice. Being a start-up usually does not give you the benefit of a big team across various business operations. An entrepreneur has to be ready to get his hands dirty and learn the minutest of operations.

Give your 100 percent

You have to be prepared to invest yourself 100 percent in your business. Sometimes, whether or not you will have your next meal depends on how far you are ready to go to make your venture a success – that is the level of commitment that you will need.

No compromise on quality

Never, ever compromise on the quality of your product to make a few extra rupees. It will not work in the long run. Make every single product of yours a labour of love, taking care of each little detail. Ensure that each of your products is something that you would love to use yourself and are proud of.

Be social

It is crucial for an entrepreneur today to reach out to people, to be known. An entrepreneur has to be social and interactive, and ready to talk about his business in an engaging way. Social media is a wonderful tool in this regard, and entrepreneurs should harness its benefits to the maximum possible.

Be outward-looking

Do not become so obsessed with your business and products that you do not observe societal trends and the world around you. Be outward-looking always. Keep meeting people, reading, and getting ideas. Be aware.


There are a number of networking platforms available to the entrepreneur of today, wherein he can seek help regarding various aspects of his business. For instance, the NGO TiE fosters entrepreneurship. Such resources could be of immense value to an entrepreneur.

Build a support system

Entrepreneurship can be extremely frustrating at times. Have a support system that you can always fall back on – your friends, family, anyone. Find someone to egg you on when you feel like quitting.

Corporate Website: Chumbak