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Enhancing style statements: iAccy

Gadgets, especially mobile devices, are a part of an individual’s style statement and personality. This fact has been very well-understood by the Bangalore-based iAccy Designs.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Jatinder Bharadwaj and Dipin K, co-founders, iAccy Designs, shared an overview about their firm and the potential market for mobile accessories in the country. Dipin said, “We understand the role of mobiles and gadget accessories in one’s personality. That is why we started iAccy. Our mobile accessory product portfolio is designed and created to compliment the looks and functions of gadgets, as they go on to become fashion statements.”

Edited excerpts from the interview:

What is the key focus for your business?

We incepted iAccy as a company that provides mobile phone accessories that can add value in the usability of the device. We realised that most mobile phone users find it difficult to protect their device from physical damage. At the same time, they want their devices to make a unique style statement, also wishing to add the colours of their choice in their mobile devices. We devised our business strategy considering all these factors, and introduced products that can help satisfy these requirements of customers.

What kinds of mobile devices do you cover?

We understand the strong bond between mobile users and their devices. Be it an iPhone, Blackberry, a Samsung phone or that of any other brand, it holds great importance in the overall personal style of the user. Similarly, be it a mobile phone, tablet or music player, a device usually goes far beyond its common function and becomes an inseparable part of the user. We have designed our products considering this bond between users and their devices. From the brand perspective, we cover almost the entire range - iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Motorola, among others.

How big is the market for mobile accessories in India?

The opportunity is undoubtedly huge. This market mostly consists of unorganized retail channels, which gives rise to its own challenges like market awareness. Mobile phone consumers are becoming more and more keen about the quality and brand value of the accessories that they use.

As an entrepreneur in this field, what are the biggest drivers for you?

In this business, we always need to keep a close eye on the market. We need to ensure that we learn and understand user demands and behaviours, with respect to their mobile devices, fast. Secondly, R&D is an area where we invest heavily, which gives great results, too.

How do manage manufacturing and sourcing of raw material for your products?

We outsource production to certain manufacturers. Besides this, we also import certain parts. We focus on retail channels for our product portfolio and design.

Which market geographies do you target?

As of now, being based in Bangalore, we are active in the southern part of India. We have plans to expand our activities to the northern and western parts of the country as well.