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The eight essentials of corporate gifting

The end of the year is fast approaching, and it is the season of festivals. It is the season of gifts, too – both personal and corporate. As a small- or medium-sized business owner, it is your responsibility to choose corporate gifts wisely, to select things that will be loved and appreciated by your employees and clients. Here are some tips on choosing the right kind of corporate gifts this season.

Consider your budget

Determine clearly the sum of money that you wish to allocate for corporate gifting, beforehand. This will help you stay on track, and choose gifts that will fit your budget.

You might want to choose different gifts for different groups of people associated with your business – employees, exceptional performers, clients, suppliers. In this case, determine beforehand the budget for gifts to each of these groups.

Consider your goal

Take time to consider the goal that you wish to achieve through corporate gifting – is it to motivate employees or promotion of your business or to thank some clients for a good order? The purpose of gifting will help you determine what gifts would be appropriate.

No compromise on quality

Never compromise on the quality of a corporate gift for the sake of money, as it will reflect poorly on the image of your company. Buy gifts of the best quality possible within the budget that you have determined.

Choose gifts that you would personally love to own, and on which you would not mind putting the company’s name.

Get personal

Spend time to choose the right kind of gifts for your employees and/or clients. A well-chosen gift speaks of the time and effort invested by the business owner, and is sure to be well-received as opposed to a highly impersonal or mass-produced gift. At the same time, it is imperative to ensure that the gifts are not way too personal.

A hand-written note along with the gift would add a nice personal touch to it. Creatively wrapping the gift is a wonderful idea, too.

Try to deliver gifts personally, if possible. This will help you build deeper and stronger relations with the various parties associated with your business.

Consider your business culture

Consider the prevailing culture in your business organisation – serious, fun, quirky - before choosing gifts. Buy gifts accordingly.

Think beyond the season

Though you are gifting on the occasion of the festive season, it would be wise to choose gifts that your employees or clients can use on a daily basis.

Use your company name

It is a great idea to put your company name and/or logo at an appropriate place on the corporate gifts that you choose. This will ensure that your businesses’ name stays in front of the customers’ or clients’ eyes all the time, and remains in their memory.

Consult with an expert

There are several corporate gifting firms operating in India today, who can help you choose gifts professionally. Their years of experience and insight can work wonders for your corporate gifting plan. Feel free to consult with other experienced senior managerial staff in your firm on the matter, and take advantage of their experience.