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Cricketer Srikkanth to help boost entrepreneurship


Former cricket captain of India K Srikkanth will now help in boosting entrepreneurship skills. Srikkanth has partnered with the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Development Institute of Tamil Nadu to develop a cricket-based training programme for aspiring entrepreneurs, reports IBN Live.

The training programme will be made available through a website, The carefully designed modules on the site will train students in soft skills as well as technical know-how. The site will also test the skills of the students taking the course via an assessment.

Srikkanth stated that cricket would be a wonderful medium to impart business skills, considering that it is the most popular game in the country.

“The course, presently prepared in English, will soon become bilingual, especially Tanglish,” stated Srikkanth. He added: “It would help the student comprehend much better and to learn English as well.”

“This programme will be offered initially to engineering college students, and will be expanded to other streams of education as well,” stated Srikkanth.

The programme can be undertaken within a minimum period of one month and a maximum of three months.

S Sivagnanam, director of the MSME Development Institute, stated: “The training programme uses cricket as an example to equip unemployed youth, aspiring entrepreneurs and MSMEs to improve their personality, leadership ability and building capacity for managing an enterprise.”

“The cricket-based learning approach design is unique, and captures all success points in a truly inspirational way,” he added.

The training programme comes in the wake of the National Employability Survey 2011’s findings that only 10 percent of the state’s engineering graduates are ‘employable’.

There are plans to expand the programme to other states as well.