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In conversation with Vijesh, Light Story

Software engineer Vijesh has always been extremely passionate about photography, especially candid shots. He has a totally different angle of looking at the mundane things of everyday life, and that is through his camera. A little over a year back, Vijesh decided to convert his passion for photography into a business with Light Story.

With Vijesh’s candid shots of weddings and other events, Light Story has already carved out a name for itself among wedding photographers.

In an exclusive interview with SupportBiz, Vijesh talks about Light Story and of being an entrepreneur.

How long has Light Story been in operation?

I have been covering weddings for a long time, but Light Story as a brand been in existence for a little over a year now.

What were you doing prior to starting Light Story?

I was a software engineer, and I still am.

How did you come up with the idea of starting Light Story?

This is going to sound suspiciously simple: I have been in love with candid photography as long as I have been doing it. After covering many, many weddings, I saw an opportunity to find a line of work I would enjoy for a long time to come. Light Story as a name came to me after several brainstorming sessions with my family and friends.

Do you do photo shoots only in Chennai or elsewhere too?

I am not limited only to Chennai. I do photo shoots outside the city as well.

How big is your team, presently?

I do hire people for designing my albums, special post production work, but the only permanent member is me.

What are the major challenges that you face, as a small-scale business owner?

My clientele is young, and is usually are looking at optimising their wedding budget. So, it's usually a challenge to convince them that it's worth paying for the candid coverage in addition to the studio photographer, who is a permanent fixture in all Indian weddings.

What has been your proudest moment as an entrepreneur?

When people say that they want to hire me even before they have found their partner. I thought they were being polite, but I was ready to burst with pride when I came to know how serious they were.

How is Light Story different from other photographers? What is your USP?

My packages are customizable to the minutest detail. None of the elements are compulsory (album / candid pre-wedding photo shoot, etc). So, my customers pay only for what they need, rather than what is offered (which is usually the case).

How do you cope with competition from other photographers?

I try to deliver my best. I also constantly work on improving the quality of my core area of work. i.e. the most important and emotionally evocative moments during a wedding. Competition is an inspiration in this line of business. When you see a composition that makes you go 'Wow!', you automatically try to upgrade your skills/outlook to deliver better photos.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Keep your word. Deliver over and above your promises if you can. If you build trust, business usually follows.

Photo Credit: Dinesh

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