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Cheap Chinese imports threaten Jalandhar sports goods industry

Sports goods manufacturing units in Jalandhar are shutting down due to competition from cheaper and better quality Chinese imports. Approximately, one lakh workers are now unemployed as a result.

Speaking to Supportbiz, Vipan Mahajan general secretary of the Sports Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association said “The easy availability of Chinese goods at cheaper rates has led to the closure of more than 70 percent of the sports manufacturing units.

“Earlier there were around 10,000 manufacturing units including MSMEs. Today only 2,000 of them remain operative. Of the closed units 3,000 are football manufacturing units only.”

He added “Chinese products are cheap and are of better quality, and as a result local units are not getting any orders. Major brands import Chinese products to sell them under their own brand name.”

Jagdeep Singh, who owns a sports goods manufacturing unit, said that it had become difficult for them to survive as they were no longer getting any bulk orders.

Ram Mohan, who earlier produced sports goods from his own house, said that he has given up on the activity altogether and has opened an eating joint to survive.

Mahajan said that Chinese sports goods which earlier saw a duty of 50 percent duty now only see a 10 percent levy on them. He also feared that eventually the duty might be scrapped altogether. A complete ban on Chinese sports goods could only help the cause of the sports goods manufacturers in Jalandhar he felt.



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