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Buffalo meat exports from India boom

The exports of water buffalo meat from India is on the rise, which is giving a great boost to the beef industry in the country, reports Global Trader.

Water buffalo meat exports have risen to 1.53m tonnes in 2012, a significant rise from the 609m tonnes recorded in 2009. As per recent estimates, India is home to over 4,000 municipal slaughter houses and 30 private ones.

This rise in exports has put India in a position to challenge Brazil and Australia as the top beef exporters in the world. In spite of global output of beef and veal has gone down by 2.4 percent as compared to that in the year 2007, India is all set to become the world’s leading beef exporter by 2012.

The US Department of Agriculture has cited an expansion of cattle herds, improvement in efficiency, and improved global price competitiveness as the reasons behind India’s rising beef exports.

The Middle East is the biggest market for beef from India, largely Halal meat for the significant Muslim population there. South-east Asia, particularly Vietnam, is the second largest market for India. The demand for Indian beef is on the rise in parts of Asia, the Middle East and South America.

Source: Global Trader


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