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Being agile towards market needs is the key: Belkin India MD

Belkin India’s market journey started in 2009. It outlined a three–year business roadmap to achieve three targets - become a preferred employer, achieve top position in market segments like - wireless networking, mobility, structured cabling, audio-visual and laptop accessory space. And also become a responsible corporate organization. Mohit Anand, MD Indian Sub-continent speaks exclusively to

How is the Indian market evolving towards cutting edge technology products?

The market in India is rapidly evolving. As an agile organization we have to be nimble and adaptable in such a way that we not only acknowledge the market changes but also have to prepare ourselves accordingly.

Please highlight your SOHO and SMB market focus.

SOHO and SMB are two very important segments for our market focus. In the small business category we look at those businesses which have not more than 20 computers.

What is your market experience from the SMB category with regard to buying behaviour?

The market is rapidly graduating. Price is no longer the only driver of IT buying among SOHO and small businesses. Our buyer is extremely well informed.

They are aware of the cutting edge technologies at the same time they often come up with their clear cut expectations also. However, we would like to position our products as such that they are driven by common user’s usability instead of new technologies and hi tech innovations. Whatever innovations we would like to bring into the market are all driven by the common user’s demand for better usability.

What are your observations on technology preparedness of Indian small businesses?

Micro and smaller business units would like to focus on their core business. They spend the majority of their time in thinking about how to enhance the level of their business.

Enhancing revenue, better productivity, better market control and at the end of the day better profitability are some areas where entrepreneurs would like to spend most of their time. However, in this picture, we as a technology vendor need to be proactive towards educating them for better options available to them.

They must have to be educated about how technology solutions can enhance their business bottom line. At the same time, the key value of technology should also be conveyed to the entrepreneurs. According to the potential, better adoption of technology can re-define the overall business experience, but entrepreneurs must have to be informed about this.

Technology companies need to speak the same language of their potential buyers.

What are the challenges that the Indian small business segment and SOHO segment are facing?

Many technology brands are only focusing towards acquiring new customers. This approach has to be changed. Technology brands must have to convey the true value of technology, the offering that it can make to the business user.

The partner ecosystem must have to adopt certain new skillset which can let them become trusted advisors to their customers. Customers of today, are expecting advise not sheer sales pitches. They must be handled with an attitude of escalating their knowledge about the technology and how this can redefine their business activity.

Consumers' sentiments are not very positive in today’s market scenario. How are your performance metrics going on?

Last fiscal year, we achieved INR150 crore in revenue.  We had a target of INR250 crore for the fiscal year 2012 but considering the negative market outlook we might fall short of this target. But we are on track and will be able to generate revenue numbers of around INR235 crore by the end of 2012 fiscal year.