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Be hungry to make a difference: Harshad Bastikar, Jaldhara Technologies

Jaldhara Technologies is a specialised water management and technology company, which produces specific products for wastewater treatment and recycling. Launched in October 2010, the Mumbai-based Jaldhara Technologies markets its products under the brand name of ‘Grewa’.

SupportBiz talks to Harshad Bastikar, the founder and CEO of Jaldhara Technologies about their products, entrepreneurship, the challenges that they face and more.

What is the basic concept of Jaldhara Technologies?

We are a specialized technology company in the area of water, wastewater treatment and recycling. With new technology and a new generation of treatment system, we design, engineer, supply, install, test and commission appropriate treatment solutions and systems to meet and exceed the user’s exceeding expectations. Our recycling philosophy is based on a ‘No-Waste’ concept. We specialize in ‘smallest footprint’, ‘low operating cost’ and ‘plug & play’ wastewater treatment with recycle-ready capabilities. We have set new benchmarks in treatment efficiencies.

Since when has Jaldhara Technologies been in operation?

Jaldhara Technologies has been in operation since October 2010.

What are the major types of products that you offer?

We market our product under the brand name of ‘Grewa’. Grewa-R, Grewa-M and Grewa-Fleet are our wastewater/sewage/effluent treatment products. Grewa-U and Grewa-O are our water treatment products, while Grewa-T, Grewa-S, Grewa-F and Grewa-C are add-on products.

Where can your products be used?

Our entire range is suitable for various inlet and discharge treatments in residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, malls, commercial complexes, IT parks, SEZs, municipalities and industries like power, chemical, paper, leather, food & beverages and many more.

What is your background? What were you doing prior to starting Jaldhara Technologies?

I come with a background in Electronics & Communication Engineering. I have over 20 years of experience in the instrumentation and systems management industry. Prior to this, I was Vice President and SBU Head of the Water & Waste Solutions Business Group in Thermax, where I was instrumental in architecting a quick turn-around of the business and regaining market share. It was while working with this organization that I acquired a profound knowledge and experience in the water business. I have over 29 years of experience in high-technology marketing, sales and operational management.

How did you come up with the idea of starting Jaldhara Technologies?

After the successful turn-around at Thermax, I knew I had to move on to my next challenge. I also knew that I had to do something associated with water and liquid waste. So, I worked on the business idea for a while and that’s how Jaldhara Technologies came about.

While working on an important project for Thermal, I got to know how critical and important water and wastewater management actually was. It was then that I started thinking about shifting to the environment industry.

How big is your team, at the moment?

We are a team of above 40, at present.

How is Jaldhara Technologies different from other waste-water management companies in India?

All our products are completely containerized and have the smallest footprint. They operate at very low life-cycle costs, perform at high efficiency, and are fully automatic. There is no use of chlorine and hazardous chemicals.

Besides, all our products can be remotely monitored/controlled, if required. Our systems respond to flow and load variations automatically, which is why they can be very easily expanded and scaled up, as and when required. Additionally, there is absolutely no odour or gas emission from any of our application solutions. This makes the entire GREWA wastewater treatment product range very conducive in any class of hotel or residential or inhabited environment.

What is your company’s strategy to eradicate the water sanitization problem in India?

It has become imperative that we work towards conserving water, as it is a scarce resource. It is a fact that in an emerging market such as India, the government has failed to develop a support infrastructure for the rapidly growing demand of the booming Indian economy.

Jaldhara Technologies propagates decentralized treatment solutions which, besides taking up the least possible space, also improves the requisite treatment parameters at low operational costs while conserving land, fuel and energy.

What are your expansion plans in the near future?

We have plans to grow in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) segment over the next few years. This growth could come in through consortium bidding, a merger or even an acquisition, and it would be part of our expansion plan to enable pre-qualifications in the larger municipal and industrial application sectors.

We might look at companies which could provide us adequate pre-qualification and customer base in the EPC segment as well as differentiated technology. We are looking at achieving a healthy year-on-year growth and, over the next few years, trying to reach the INR300 crore revenue mark.

While our industry is growing at an approximate CAGR of nine to 12 percent, we feel that double-digit growth in our area of focus should not be difficult. We will ensure a focus of our efforts in helping to prevent pollution, controlling degradation and improving environmental performance through all our products, services and activities.

What is the size of the waste water management market that Jaldhara Technologies addresses?

The market within our reach would be worth about INR150 crores per annum in terms of our revenues. However, the universal market is pegged at about INR14,000 crores, which includes even things like irrigation systems.

What have been your proudest moments as an entrepreneur?

In the course of operation, the significant impact that Jaldhara Technologies has created for our clients makes me feel immensely proud. For instance, we recycle upto 70 percent of our clients’ waste water.

What are the major challenges that you face?

The biggest challenge that we face is a lack of enforcement of waste water and sewage treatment regulations.

What advice would you give to a potential entrepreneur?

Passion and the hunger to do something productive or creative is the key. A potential entrepreneur should have the drive to make a difference, regardless of age, situation or circumstance.

Younger people may have fewer responsibilities with more time and energy to their advantage, but that is not all there is to business. It is about dedication. It is about wanting to live your dream, One has to be prepared to put in all the effort that is required - and the hours.

There will be heart-burn; there will be instances when the thought ‘My job was better’ will cross an entrepreneur’s mind. There will be those who keep asking ‘Why are you wasting your time?,’and then, there will be those who will motivate and keep you going. In the midst of all this, learn to focus and stay with the business as long as the business demands it, and all will go well.

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