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Assam to increase electricity generation

Assam is gearing up for the second phase of power reforms to increase electricity generation, Power Minister Pradyut Bordoloi said. He said that the state was facing power shortage and more needed to be done for electricity generation, adding that several large and small projects were at different stages of completion.

Once completed, the projects will help mitigate the power woes, he said.

"We are not for privatisation, but want professionalism in the government sector in the interest of the people of the state," he said.

However, if needed, private players might be roped in, he said.

After the first phase of reforms from 2005-12, Assam's power generation had gone up to 379.5MW from 192MW in the 1995-2004, he said.

On the acute power crisis in the state after a national power grid in Jalpaiguri in West Bengal was damaged in a storm, he said: "One of the 400KV towers was restored on May 12 and the second was restored on May 15."

In case of wind energy, he said that the state did not have long tracts of flatland with high-velocity winds.

The minister said that the state was looking towards non-conventional energy sources such as waste and biomass, and that some projects were in the pipeline.