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Assam govt to bring five lakh hectares under double cropping

The Assam government is planning to bring around five lakh hectares under double cropping pattern next season to boost the agriculture production of the state, Agriculture Minister Nilamoni Sen Deka said.

Last year, the Agriculture Department had initiated double cropping in about 2,90,000 hectares of mono-cropping land to boost production as well as to attain self-sufficiency in agriculture.

Deka said that various other steps have been taken to boost the agricultural production.

While the Department has fixed the production target for autumn rice at 3,60,000 tonnes this year, the target for winter rice production is 48,00,000 tonnes.

The Department also seeks to produce 14,73,090 tonnes of jute, 14,68,800 tonnes of vegetables and 16,02,660 tonnes of sugarcane this year.

"The current wave of floods has affected 2,54,000 hectares of cropland across the state, affecting the families of over 10 lakh farmers. As per our estimates, the state has lost crop totally worth over INR992 crore," he said, adding that the extension of double cropping to more lands will also help the state meet its targeted production this year.

A total of 57,000 quintals of seeds have been distributed among the flood-affected farmers. The process to procure more seeds from various sources is on, which will be distributed among the affected farmers.

The minister said that the state government has sanctioned INR109 crore to help the flood-affected farmers. "The Department has been framing the guidelines for giving compensation to the affected farmers, and the distribution of the compensation will start immediately," Deka said.

"We have also started the process of procuring seedlings, to be distributed among the flood-hit farmers. The government had already sanctioned INR1.66 crore for procurement of seedlings through the Deputy Commissioners in each districts."

"The government has also decided to sanction another amount of INR2 crore to relieve the farmers engaged in horticulture," he said.

"The affected farmers will receive compensation against the production value of each hectares of land, which are being worked out by the department," Deka said.