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6 Inspirational Mantras From Indian Woman Entrepreneurs

On Account of Women's Day Supportbiz has listed inspirational thoughts from women entrepreneurs to empower woman entrepreneurship in India
There is no dearth of exceptional and talented women entrepreneurs in India. Earlier the scope was limited, as –majority of them relied on home-based businesses. In the new millennium age,  and the advent of the internet, women became digitally more savvy andempowered women too. On account of International Women’s Day, Supportbiz listed some of the inspirational mantras from women entrepreneurs who has built their business on their own ideas.
Pushing the Limits 
Sangeeta Kulkarni, CEO and Co-founder of Brickwork India  has been recently honoured with the “Women Leadership Achievement Award” at the 3rd World Women Leadership Congress & Awards (WWLCA) – 2016. Her endeavour is to build a globally respected brand which has an identity that matters. Being a woman entrepreneur she thinks of constantly pushing the limits to raise the customer experience standards and provide a wider range of services, along with empowering employees with the right skills to accelerate business momentum and retain our competitive edge in the REALM space.
She believes ”As a key part of my leadership mindset is to continuously monitor the organization’s client centric value chain and establish new productivity standards which can showcase delivery teams’ intelligence and expertise in solving the client’s changing nature of tasks. This has made the employee population a fit-for-purpose lot, earning client laurels resulting in repeat business. 85% of the customers say they want to use our services again and 83% of them are willing to give referrals. Our CSR initiatives and activities under “Brickwork Pragathi Foundation” are focussed on employability training for the underprivileged youth to help them become skilled and economically independent.”
Putting Extra Efforts 
Arunima Basu CEO and Co-founder of Film Speak, believes that women started to enter the workforce in major numbers only about 30 years ago, therefore, their desire to understand and practically manage money has been delayed since then." In order to fill up the gap, women need to put in the extra effort and overcome the constraints to fulfill their dreams. She states, “I strongly believe that financial independence is the key factor that can reduce crime rates significantly. Women need to come out of their shells and take a stand,” the media mogul from Kolkata, never fails to self-acclaim herself as a feminist.  
Being Self Motivated
Sherry Anne Sudan, Owner of Glitters believes that without challenges, one can't learn to be fearless and motivated. Being a self-motivated woman entrepreneur I feel each one of us has a personal calling, best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of a service, working hard and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.
Finding Thrill In Work
Meena Bindra, the founder and chairperson of BIBA has been recently honoured with APEX Lifetime Achievement Award, by the ‘Clothing Manufacturers’ Association of India’. A homemaker and a mother of two embarked on a creative venture from her home in Delhi 32 years back. Meena said ‘I still find the whole process of creating an outfit absolutely thrilling. Despite having a team of two dozen designers now, I personally check the final product for femininity, grace, and glamour.”  
She feels that BIBA’s success reasons lie in the quality, affordability, and sheer elegance of its products which she has offered little by little over the years.
Making Things Happen
Shivani Khetan Founder of 'People's Solution’ and a ‘Life Coach’ shares “As a woman entrepreneur I guess everyone has a niche of their own. I don't believe in the discrimination of women entrepreneurs or male entrepreneurs. One has to see & realise their potential and head towards it. Each one has their own space. Therefore, I think there is no competition. I believe in living in the moment & taking each day as it comes! I just don't dream, I make things happen! For me, life is happening now!”
Following Your Dreams
Rintu Kalyani Rathod owner of ‘Rini Bakes - Bake My Dreams’ and initiator of ‘Food Army’ believes that the perception of “society is men driven” is changing but at a very slow pace. She believes “Every now and then you find that even if you are equal if not superior, you are not being taken as seriously as men as an entrepreneur by the society. We have to work extra hard to prove our worth.” She shares “My business requires physical strength along with your designing and baking abilities and women are doing a wonderful job in this field. You need to stand long hours, it is physically challenging making sauces and ganaches. But you will be amazed to see how women are handling everything from designing to baking, marketing and looking after finances and logistics. Ultimately women are great at multitasking and it helps them in any business.” To inspire and motivate more women entrepreneurs Rathod shares her motivational mantra is “Do what you love, just believe in yourself and follow your dreams, there is nothing impossible if you believe in it.”

Happy International Women's Day To All.

Picture courtesy: Gabbriella Fabbri (freeimages)