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Why do you need a Facebook page?

A Facebook page, today, is a given for any kind of business organisation – small or big. There are several benefits to be gained by being active on social media platforms such as Facebook. Here are the top six reasons as to why a small business should consider creating a Facebook page.

It gives your business a human face

A Facebook page provides your small business with a human ‘face’, which can easily connect with your existing and potential customers, government organisations, media, investors and other parties associated in different ways with you. Your Facebook page makes you more than ‘just a company’. It makes you a living, breathing entity full of human beings at different levels of the organisation.

It helps you connect with a community

Your Facebook page makes it easier for the various parties associated with your business to communicate with you, and get more information about you that way. It helps you build a community of people, by posting relevant information about yourself, organising contests and giveaways, inviting feedback, etc. Building a community is a very important aspect for any business, as it ultimately helps in building brand loyalty by building a better understanding of you and your product/s in the mind of the customer/s.

You get to know more about your customers

Your Facebook page helps you interact with your potential and existing customers. By encouraging them to comment on your page and share their views, you get to know more about your customers – their likes and dislikes, what they expect you to change about your product/service, etc. This information can be of great value to a business.

It is free advertising every day

A Facebook page, through status updates and other means, helps you put your business before the eyes of the customers every single day. If done effectively, a Facebook page can be used as a subtle reminder of your product, your services and your business without consciously making an effort or looking like an advertisement. It helps you keep your business in the public eye, for free.

It helps you in SEO

A Facebook page gives your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts a boost, through the content that you offer in your posts. It helps route more traffic to your official website and/or blog, thus leading to the dispensing of more information about your business to your customers and other parties associated with you.

It helps you deal with competition

Today, when almost every business has a Facebook page, you need one too, to deal effectively with the competition. Your Facebook page helps you create a distinct identity for your business, show your customers how you are different from your customers, and in helping them make an informed decision about going for your products/services.