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Why do firms block social media sites?

As much as social media is effective in marketing and spreading the word about a business, its misuse can spell disaster for a firm. The excessive use of social media can have several detrimental effects on a business, which is why many firms choose to block such sites at work.

SupportBiz lists the major reasons behind firms blocking social media sites.


Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter can be addictive in nature – if unmonitored and uncontrolled, an employee could end up spending too much time on them. There are chances of the employee getting distracted by the easy access to social media sites, which could lead to other employees being disturbed in their work as well.

Impacts productivity

Excessive engagement on social media sites can distract the focus of employees from their work, thus impacting their productivity negatively.

Possibility of damage to reputation

Unmonitored usage of social media sites can divert the attention of employees, impacting the quality of their work. In these circumstances, there are chances of the shoddy work harming the reputation of the firm.

Threat to security

There are chances that an employee might invite a virus into his/her system by clicking on an unauthorised link. In such a case, there might be a threat to the information system of the firm.

Threat of loss of data

Free access to social media sites creates the possibility of employees transmitting highly confidential data about business processes outside the firm. Many firms, particularly those in high-security operations, block social media usage due to the threat of loss of data that it gives rise to.

Ethical issues

An employee might view inappropriate content on social media sites, such as pornography or pages related to racism or abusive to the country. Inappropriate usage of social media sites could give rise to legal issues too. Many firms choose to block social media in order to avoid such legal and ethical hassles.