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Three steps for an effective digital strategy

Indian consumers are now increasingly buying travel, consumer electronics, and books online. Consumers in cities are driving e-commerce, with a large percentage of them making monthly purchases. Online grocery shopping sites are adding registered users daily. The quick and free door-to-door shipping convenience offered by most sites appeals to the online shoppers in cities.

Venture capitalists are investing in e-commerce, and are bullish about consumers in both cities and towns being ready to shop online. Social networks are driving consumers online, and getting them to engage with brands. E-commerce in India is predicted to increase more than five times by 2016.

A well-conceived digital strategy offers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the quickest way for customer retention and an interesting way of engaging their customers. Successful SMEs take advantage of the customers’ ability to engage and shop from cellphones, tablets and home and office computers. SMEs can drive sales and build customer loyalty with social networks and other social media tools.

The three steps for an effective digital strategy are:

Inform: Create relevant content. Introduce new products, promotions and deals. The catchy name of a website makes it easier for customers to search for a particular business online.

Engage: Send regular newsletters and e-mails. E-mail is flexible, and allows the SME to communicate directly with the customer. Businesses can attach documents and track whether the message was received, opened, forwarded, etc.

Communicate: Encourage reviews and ratings.The world now uses social network sites for communication and collaboration. This sophisticated world of global social networks and mobile applications can be a game changer, as the insights offered can help SMEs offer customized products and services to consumers.

Digital strategy used effectively on the right platforms will help SMEs reap maximum benefits and increase revenues for them.