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Symantec focuses on information security for SMBs

More than 1,200 Symantec partners have joined the SMB Specialization Program of Symantec across the Asia Pacific and Japan region, expanding Symantec’s commitment and support for small to medium sized business (SMB) customers in this fast growing region. Symantec, through this movement, is hoping to make it easier for SMBs to protect their information and move their business forward with confidence.


SMBs make up a significant part of an economy. However, they are faced with a number of challenges that can prevent them from reaching their full potential. The abundance of technology and barrage of information can create tremendous opportunities while at the same time bring immense perplexity and greater risk. According to Symantec’s recent Internet Security Threat Report, 18 percent of all targeted attacks are directed at businesses with 250 or fewer employees.

Because of the importance of connectivity and collaboration through web, email, social networks and online applications in their business, SME user behavior makes them more than four times at risk of malware attacks than their larger counterparts. However despite increased risk, for some SMBs, buying, deploying and managing security, storage and backup systems is just too complicated for them to devote the time, money and energy. So they cross their fingers and wing it.

Symantec, which began a variety of SMB-specific initiatives last year, set out a mission to redefine how SMBs safeguard their information by providing 360 degrees of protection – from web browsing and online transactions, to email and collaboration, to backup and recovery – in a way that’s easy to purchase, deploy, manage and support.

“Our SMB partners are critical in helping Symantec expand our reach over today’s information-savvy SMBs, providing them with the solutions they need to protect their information,” said Anand Naik, Managing Director-India and SAARC, Symantec. “We are fully committed to enabling and supporting our ecosystem of partners, and with more than 1,200 SMB Specialized partners in this region, we are confident that we can help SMBs address their security, data protection and information management needs.”

Led by Group President Rowan Trollope, the Symantec SMB organization is seeking to bring together SMB experts who not only understand the specific needs of SMBs and the partners who sell to them, but are focused on serving, enabling, helping and protecting this important business community around the world. Working closely together, the team is designing and delivering Symantec’s SMB products; marketing, communication and support; as well as delivering partners with hands-on enablement and financial incentives. 

“In today's connected world, small- and medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable and need to consider how to best protect their technology and information,” said Trollope. “Some SMBs are protected, but many aren’t. Complacency is one reason small businesses often fail to protect themselves, complexity is another. Whatever the reason, Symantec’s SMB team is working around the clock to protect the information that fuels the livelihood of this important community around the world.”