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Security and collaboration are mutually conflicting: Seclore CEO

Vishal Gupta, CEO of information security services provider Seclore Technology, shared insights about running a business. In an exclusive interview with Faiz Askari, Editor North,, Gupta speaks about his company seeks to deliver value to customers.


Being an engineering graduate from IIT, and being a fingerprinting expert, what are the key advantages you witnessed while incorporating Seclore Technology?

An engineering background has helped in providing scientific temper to me. This helps in every aspect from delivery to business development when one is running a hi-tech venture.

When did you start this business? What is your vision?

Seclore formally started operations in 2006.

While we have focused on our customers, we also keep in mind our stakeholders. Shareholders are the last claimants to a company’s money. The purpose of any enterprise is to create shareholder value. The dream of Seclore is to create a non-linear stakeholder value - value which goes far beyond the expectations of monetary and social returns that stakeholders in Seclore expect.

The technology aspect

Seclore’s technology allows for information to be protected from misuse.

The security aspect

We dream of a world where privacy and piracy are where they are meant to be. Privacy – IN, Piracy – OUT.

We dream of a world where collaboration is not restricted for want of security. Where “mistakes” made by people in sharing information can be easily corrected and where information is treated like money - if you give it to someone you can call for it back; where information, if it has to be paid for, is actually paid for.

The people aspect

The purpose of life is to enhance the quality of life itself. It is our dream for Seclore to positively affect the lives of all the people around it - employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

What are the key drivers for your business?

Seclore provides systems which enable enterprises to implement security controls without compromising on collaboration.

The achievement of these "mutually conflicting" goals of security and collaboration enables enterprises to grow faster. The key drivers for Seclore's business are an enterprise's ever growing needs for collaboration within and outside.

As a growing organization where would you like to see your business in next two years?

We see ourselves as a globally dominant player in the field of unstructured information security.

What is the strength of the organization at present, in terms of employees and customers?

We are a small team of fewer than 100 people. Our system's userbase has now crossed 2.5 million users.