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Nine tips to reduce your e-waste

Electronic products whose life span is over; which are no longer useful are termed ‘e-waste’. Most of these products contain toxic elements such as lead, cadmium and mercury, which are harmful to the environment if not disposed off in the right way. Here are tips on how you can reduce the e-waste that your business generates.

Rethink before you buy

Rethink your decision to buy the latest technology for your workplace or for your personal use. Do you really need it? If the answer to this question is no, refrain from making the purchase. If you already possess a technology that serves the purpose, do not go in for the new one.

Choose green products

Whenever you decide to buy any electronic products, choose ones that are green i.e. products that contribute in some way to eco-friendliness, or which have been manufactured in an eco-friendly facility. Consider products that are energy efficient, so that you can save on your bills, too.

Good maintenance

Maintain your electronic equipment well, so that they last as long as possible. Take good care of these products, thus increasing their lifespan, so that overall material consumption goes down.

Consider local reuse options

When faced with the question of outdated or useless electronic items, consider the various recycling options available to you. For instance, the 20 personal computers that are no longer of use to you might be of great value to a local school or a charity. Consider donating such items to institutions or individuals who require them.


Do not hesitate to recycle those parts of your electronic products that can be recycled.

Consider refurbishing

Instead of buying new electronic products, consider refurbishing your existing products, thereby adding to their utility value. In the long run, this will give rise to less e-waste.

Dispose correctly

Do not throw away your e-waste at landfills or other unauthorised areas, but dispose of it correctly. There are agencies which collect the e-waste generated by organisations and individuals and help them in disposing of it in the right way. Get in touch with such organisations for the proper disposal of your e-waste.

Consider sale

If you are keen on earning money from the sale of your e-waste, you could consider selling it through the various e-commerce sites available to you. Also, you could consider placing an advertisement in the local newspaper, radio or TV channel for the sale of your e-waste.

Co-ordinate with the manufacturer

Some electronic product manufacturers are ready to take back e-waste from their customers, in return for a discount on the purchase of new products. Consider such options for the disposal of your e-waste.