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IT security as a service for SMEs

Mumbai-based, Nevales Networks is an information security provider offering solutions to SMEs that build a secure environment to conduct their business, on a 'pay-as-you-use' model. This secure platform is delivered over the Internet with free support and is free from licensing, scalability and maintenance hassles.

In an interaction with SupportBiz, Kaushik Thakkar, co-founder and head - corporate development of Nevales Networks shared some insights about the information security business and his organization’s exclusive offering for India’s SMEs.

Edited excerpts of the:

What are the key trends in information security for India’s SME segment?

Cloud is emerging as a great enabler for smaller businesses; cloud security can be witnessed as a major trend in the information security domain. In India, the network security domain has witnessed a great revolution; from antivirus to firewall, content filtration and finally UTM (Unified threat Management) is gearing up.

There are two most prominent trends in the UTM market space for the SME segment in India:  the growing number of vendors that are offering products in this space and the increasing number of applications that are being added to UTM security appliances. Also the security industry is increasingly moving to a service model where vendors ensure the quality and success of their end-user.

We see high growth in the segment, where customers have previously not had a security gateway solution, or a firewall. Several segments within retail, manufacturing, IT/ITES are actively looking for solutions. Also customers prefer to look into a "no hassle" solution, specifically with managed security. As the typical IT vendor, SME customers are not using trained person who can work on the various point products or UTM products.

What are key challenges you face in terms of addressing the needs of the SME market?

The biggest challenge is specialization; to be able to address the exact need of the customer, the channel has to be informed and educated on the different solutions, what solution is best suited for a customer need. As this requires specialized knowledge, many channels take the easy route and recommend a solution, from what seems to be a branded international product, but then forgets to account for our local Indian market needs. We would not give a hot dog to a customer requiring a dosa, but that is what we do with network security.

SMEs are not very well versed with emerging technologies unlike the big players. So while dealing with the SME segment, the channel partners play a very significant role in making them familiar with the new tech offerings. SMEs need few services but integration with existing systems and customization are paramount. SMEs mostly want integrated solutions to limit complexity and therefore seek channel partners capable of such deliverables.

Cost and scalability are two important components of business, how do you measure the impact of these two aspects on your product portfolio in the market?

As our product was built with the Indian scenario in mind, we are trying to be very cost effective, as well as providing a very complete solution. As we utilize the power of the cloud, and manage our devices through a cloud model, we have the benefit of having a very good and highly scalable product, with very attractive price points.

We have kept these crucial factors, cost and scalability in our offerings. Keeping it affordable for the emerging businesses, Nevales renders services based upon subscription payment model. Nevales manages security, connectivity and enables cloud applications to businesses with 1 to 400 employees.

Please highlight your go-to-market strategy?

We have a strong in-house sales team which works closely with our channel partners, rendering them support at all stages of their dealings with the clients. We work very hard to educate the market, and work in creating a customer demand. Nothing excites a channel more than having a big customer demand.