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Indian SMEs yet to realize importance of social media

SMEs in India are yet to understand the potential of adopting social media from a business perspective. Some of them, for example the ones connected with IT/ ITes industry, have started adopting this new media for business purposes. Sayed Naved Shafi, Vice President - SME & Channel Business, AGC Networks, elaborated on the Indian SME's mind-set towards social media and its relevance for business.


What is the status of social media content among SMEs in India?

The key issue is creating content which is social media friendly. A company can boast of using social media successfully only when they constantly create social media friendly content - something which people feel like sharing. SMEs today are creating content alike their sales pitch, which compared to social media, is bound to fall flat.

On a personal front most of these are adopting social media in the right manner.

What are the trends and drivers of social media among Indian SMEs?

The key driver for success is social media friendly content. Once Indian SMEs are able to achieve this, they should anticipate a new challenge in the changing form of content over social media. 

How does AGC target Indian SME, what is your key focus towards this vertical?

AGC has a strong network of 179 channel partners across 19 states in India. These are our extended arms that not only sell but also service our clients in the locations. In parallel we are working closely with some leading technology OEM alliances to create solutions specifically for SMEs only.

With technology evolving there are many low cost, easy to manage solutions which can help SMEs adopt technology, wihout hassles and at a low cost of adoption.

What are the challenges and opportunities for the SME segment with regard to social media content management?

Creation of interesting content and adapting it in reference to a particular social media platform is a challenge.

Engagement on Facebook is different than that on a slide share. But this challenge for SMEs is a big opportunity for content creation companies. Today every company with a web presence looks at social media for a wider web presence but is not able to leverage it. This has resulted in emergence of online image consultancies and social media management companies coming up, even in Tier II cities.

SMEs lag when it comes to managing unstructured content. What strategy would fit in here, in order to enable them with cutting edge solutions that can let their communication process work efficiently?

There are applications which are being developed to help SMEs create interesting content for their web presence which goes beyond a website. What they need is a single application to help them update the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts. But adoption of these will follow after adoption and understanding of social media itself.