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How to deal with internet abuse

Internet abuse, or the inappropriate usage of the internet by employees at their workplace, can have several effects on the organisation. It can affect the morale and productivity of employees, negatively impact the bandwidth, slow down processes and inadvertently put your information system at risk.

This is particularly so in case of small units, as they have limited resources at hand.

Here are some tips on how to deal with internet abuse in your small organisation.

Frame policies

It would do you good to frame policies regarding the appropriate usage of the internet in your organisation. Clearly define the boundaries between personal and official internet usage, the sites which one can and cannot access, and what you expect from your employees in terms of use of the internet. Ensure that you communicate each of these aspects to your employees, through e-mails, presentations and discussions.

Use filters

Another good idea to curb the misuse of the internet at the workplace is the placing of filters. A technical employee could help you place filters on inappropriate websites, rendering it impossible for employees to access these sites at the workplace.

Constant training

Providing training to employees on a continuous basis on the ill effects of inappropriate internet browsing, addiction, and how to curb such usage can help a great deal. These sessions can be held periodically at the workplace, either by you, some other qualified senior management personnel or an external expert.

Electronic monitoring

You could choose to electronically monitor internet usage by each of your employees through your system. This would help you immediately detect extensive personal internet usage and access to inappropriate sites.

Streamlining processes

You could also streamline the process that employees use to get the required information for their day-to-day work. This would go a long way towards reducing unnecessary browsing and help employees resist the temptation to access unwanted websites during their search process.