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Five steps to winning business on mobile

Mobile phones have penetrated our lives significantly. They are the communication tools for access to business anytime, anywhere. They enhance productivity. Deals are done and business contracts are closed on mobiles. India today has 40-50 million active mobile users and this number is expected to increase exponentially over the next few years.

The scope of mobile media consumption is so vast that it is essential for small businesses to have a mobile-friendly version of their website. This should especially be high priority for marketers working in Business to Business or B2B sector for opportunities in lead generation.  It should be part of your overall marketing strategy. You have to design and optimize your website for mobile use.

The Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey from over 1,700 leading digital marketers shows how marketing momentum and budget is shifting to digital channels —mobile, social media, etc.

If your website is optimized for mobiles your business has a definite competitive advantage.

Five steps to win business with mobile content which is thumb and finger friendly:

  • Focus on usability: Use visual content which is finger friendly. The calls to action are immediate and conspicuous.
  • Ensure speed of access: Make sure the web page is small in size and loads immediately.
  • Use the home page to the hilt: The home page should have all the details of your business and service.
  • Simplify the user registration process: Just the name and e mail address of the potential customer should be enough to sign up.
  • Follow the leaders: Learn from the top companies who have benefitted from mobile optimization.  You can also use online tools such as to measure how well is your website optimized for mobile.