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Five steps to build a social media strategy

The fact that social media can be of great benefit for your firm does not brook any argument, in today's times. A good social media strategy, however, can help you derive the best value out of the platforms that you use, and can work wonders for your business.

SupportBiz presents five questions to ask yourself before undertaking social media marketing for your firm, aimed at formulating a strategy that is most effective for you.

What is your purpose?

Consider carefully the purpose behind your social media marketing. What end are you seeking to achieve through it? Do you want to create awareness about your business and your product/service? Do you aim to build a stronger relationship with your existing customers? Do you want to find new customers and spike your sales?

How does this fit into your larger marketing plan?

Ensure that your social media marketing efforts are in co-ordination with your overall marketing plan. Determine ways in which you can use social media to leverage the benefits of the other marketing efforts undertaken by you. Consider integrating both forms of marketing - for instance, you might ask your customers to join your Facebook page to partake of a certain deal advertised on your website.

What is the impression you will convey?

Be very clear about the impression of your firm that you want to convey to the outside world through your social media platforms. Will it be funky and cool, or mature and sophisticated? Who will communicate to the target audience - will it be one person from the senior management or a group of employees at different organisational levels?

Who and how is your audience?

Study the audience that you intend to target through your social media marketing efforts. What is their age group? What interests them, and what does not? Where do they shop? Where do they spend their time online?

If your customers are spread out over diverse geographical locations, decide which group you would like to focus on in your social media marketing. Will you focus on your local customers only, or will you try and reach out to all customers across the country and elsewhere?

How will you measure results?

Determining well in advance the results that you seek to achieve through your social media marketing will help you decide on the best way to measure your performance after a certain period of time. Track the results of your social media marketing, and determine whether they are worth the time and money that you are investing in it.