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Five essentials for your digital marketing strategy

Does your business have an online presence? Is it just an Internet directory listing or a simple information website? What are the critical areas you want to address through digital marketing?

An integrated digital marketing strategy should concentrate on these five steps:

Web presence

Your website name should make it easier for customers to find you when they are looking for your particular business online. It should be easy to remember and drive significant returns in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and natural search traffic. The web presence must be dynamic with mobility and e-commerce. It should also be integrated with the latest digital capabilities.


SMEs should explore selling goods online and on mobile devices. Using an effective social media and mobile strategy will increase your online business. Online retail is extremely convenient, as it available 24X7 and has a global reach.

Consumer social media

Social networking sites are communities of people with shared interests.  The world now uses social media for communication and collaboration. It can be a game changer, and can help SMEs offer customized products and services to consumers. Businesses that use social media networks effectively, on the right platforms, will increase their revenue.

Digital branding

 An essential part of the digital strategy is branding. Brands are getting directly influenced by their customers, as consumers no longer believe what companies say about themselves, but believe what other consumers say about the brands. Active dialogue with customers and communities will result in the co-creation of value.

E-mail, SMS, MMS campaigns

E-mail is still the primary source of communication and a habit for most people. It has flexibility and the advantage of talking on a one-to-one basis with the customer. It has the ability to have attached documents and embedded images and links, and lets you track whether the message was received, opened or forwarded. Use SMS and MMS, which can be read within a few minutes. As MMSes require the consent of the consumer to receive the communication, it is a popular service. It is also an instant way to communicate with the consumer.