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In the business of experiential learning: ZMQ

Gurgaon-based ZMQ Software Systems is an example of a business model for social-innovative educational training and gaming solutions.

“We provide effective and affordable tailor-made solutions to social sector partners, non-profit organizations, educational organizations, research centres, and socially conscious corporate organizations in almost all the major regions of the world,” informs Subhi Quraishi, founder and CEO, ZMQ Software Systems in an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz.

Subhi also highlights  how he bought together gaming and social messaging in order to provide experiential learning solutions for the common masses.  

Edited excerpts:

What  prompted you to start something innovative like this?

Communication can drive great value in the area of development. We focused on using new-age technology  to add  value   to and for the development of the underprivileged rural population. Being a gaming expert, I realized that certain critical messages can be sent across  through the interactive form of gaming. This packaging of content will not only communicate with the audience in a better way, but  will also motivate people to access this information. We decided to build games on social issues like AIDS awareness, TB control, malaria, air pollution, climate change and clean hygiene.  We generated content around these critical topics, and presented it in the form of interactive games.

How has your  journey been so far?

It has been close to  eight years  since we started business. As of now, we have developed over 120 games on social and health awareness issues. Presently, we are working on women safety issues and, soon, we will  come out with games  with interactive learning experiences on this issue.

Apart from this, we also have some mobile channels focused on specific  subjects like women and health issues. FreedomPolio is a product which we are working on.  Similarly,  our mobile channel  EmpowerShe  is focused on women’s issues.

What opportunities do you foresee for your business?

M-Commerce is a great potential area. We are closely looking at mobile commerce as an  opportunity. Over a period of years, mass messaging on social issues has  changed and evolved as an interactive medium. We, as a company, have adapted to these new changes, and will  continue to do  so.

What is the key positioning  you want  to  achieve in the market?

We are a social enterprise, and have dedicated ourselves  to developing social eLearning, gaming and edutainment solutions. All  our efforts are  directed towards creating awareness and establishing  the right perception about social issues among common people. We have the expertise to deliver interactive content solutions on a wide variety of technologies, from Internet-based Community Learning System, Intranet-based Closed Net Learning and Stand-alone Learning (CBTs) to Compact Learning on Hand-held  and Mobile Devices.

What are the key strengths that ZMQ enjoys?

Over a period of time, we have developed expertise in  generating knowledge systems for the semi-literate and illiterate masses,  the underprivileged communities, out-of-school children and the physically disabled. We have been able to develop this expertise after spending  considerable time in this trade. We adopted various learning methodologies to design such solutions. These methodologies  directly depend upon the target audience and the topic. As a thumb rule, we ensure that a balance between educational and entertainment content is maintained.The main idea is to develop a learning process which has experiential content that not only entertains the common people, but also educates them. Performance and evaluation systems are designed and built to monitor the success of learning processes.