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BlackBerry presents mobility solutions for SMEs

India's SMEs are an up-and-coming segment, which promise great growth potential. In a recent development, GETIT Infoservices announced their association with Research In Motion (RIM) to market BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions to SMEs.

BlackBerry is aggressively looking at SMEs as a potential segment for mobility solutions. The company is in the process of building products that appeal to this segment. 

The association between GETIT and BlackBerry will help RIM market its BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions for SMEs through GETIT’s strong field force, and will initially target companies in Bangalore and Delhi, with other cities in India being included in 2013. 
GETIT will market RIM’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions, including BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, which is available for free, with no software license fees or additional per-user license fees.
As a marketing platform exclusively for SMEs, GETIT enjoys deep penetration among this segment in India. This deep connection with Indian SMEs will help the organization bring forth more advanced technological solutions that will positively impact the productivity of a typical SME and its business environment. 
Commenting on the association, Siddharth Gupta, CEO, GETIT Infoservices, said, “Technology is becoming an integral arm of day-to-day business operations. Today, almost all businesses use e-mail extensively. The use of mobile devices in business operations is also becoming common among SMEs in India. This partnership with RIM will help our customers tremendously, with enhanced mobile productivity. We work extensively with our SME customers across the country, and based on my experience in this market, I can clearly foresee strong benefits for the SMEs with BlackBerry solutions."
Sharing his experience of interacting with Indian SMEs, Gupta said, “What we have found is that most SMEs are now very comfortable with the use of e-mail and websites, both for search as well as for promoting their business. The next trend that we are beginning to spot is an increasing number of SMEs understanding the power of modern-day devices like the mobile phone and tablets. Going forward, the usage and importance of mobile devices will get better and be adopted by most SMEs.”
Sharing his views on the tie-up, Sunil Lalwani, Director, Enterprise Sales, RIM India, said, “RIM has always had a strong connect with the SME segment, especially through its enterprise-class solutions like BES Express. This association with GETIT will help us further enhance our reach to the small and medium businesses in India, and enable them to avail of our mobility solutions at attractive costs, for greater productivity and manageability.”
“We understand the need for making the use of advanced-level mobility solutions among SMEs a cost-effective proposition. Hence, joining hands with GETIT is a great opportunity to expand our presence in the SME market in India. We will offer SMEs enterprise-grade and cost-effective mobile solutions, which will transform their outlook towards mobility. BlackBerry has always ensured that its customers get the best in mobility solutions, without compromising on security or manageability,” Lalwani added.