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BigRock and PIR offer .ORG domains to Indian businesses

Public Interest Registry (PIR) , the international registry and manager of .ORG domain names worldwide, and BigRock, a provider of web infrastructure solutions, have announced a strategic marketing alliance to boost adoption of .ORG as the preferred domain name for businesses in India.


As a part of this joint initiative, BigRock and PIR have outlined an aggressive campaign that entails television commercials (TVCs), extensive digital outreach, and customized .ORG website packages. The fully-loaded website package will include a .ORG domain name, email hosting, and web hosting integrated with an easy-to-use interactive website builder priced at INR299.

The .ORG domain is the internet's third largest "generic" or non-country specific top-level domain with more than 9.8 million domain names registered worldwide.

 “BigRock has embarked on an ambitious plan in conjunction with PIR to unleash .ORG as a brand of choice for businesses in India that define themselves as more than just a company. We aim to more than double the adoption of .ORG domains and make it synonymous with building profitable, sustainable, and trustworthy businesses. The India of the future has a need for many more such organizations and BigRock is proud to be reaching out to millions of Indian businesses with this powerful message,” said Bhavin Turakhia, Founder of BigRock.

While elaborating about BigRock’s expectations from this campaign, Shashank Mehrotra, Business Head of BigRock, said: “We are targeting everyone looking for a web presence to come and embrace a ‘.org’ domain. Obviously – the campaign is clearly targeted towards small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just getting started.”

He also mentioned about the market potential of Indian SMEs, “The reality is that an overwhelming majority of Indian SMEs don’t have websites today – that number is probably upwards of 80 percent. Note that a lot of these SMEs do consume IT in some shape or form but don’t necessarily have websites. Our message is simple. We want these companies to think about the values of a good organization – trust, reliability, transparency – and are telling them very clearly to brand themselves as such. These are values that people associate with .org today and companies that really care about this, as we believe they do, will choose .org.”

A percentage of BigRock’s annual INR10 crore integrated marketing budget will be apportioned towards this campaign. The campaign encourages companies and entrepreneurs who aspire to create not just successful businesses but great organizations about the value of associating with the .ORG brand.

Over the last year, India has seen exciting changes in the Internet landscape and has crossed 100 million internet subscribers. With the launch of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .CARS or .BANK expected in 2013, the internet is likely to look very different in a few years’ time.

Indian consumers really do care about ‘VFM’ – Value For Money and websites are no exception, while adding to this, Mehrotra stated, “We have solved this by creating a product bundle which includes a complete DIY (Do-It-Yourself) website – including a ‘.ORG’ domain name,  an easy to use website builder, and email and web hosting – all for INR299. Honestly, it is not a lot for someone to pay to bring their business online – the price of a few cups of coffee. We do recognize that there are fairly large number of potential customers who need even more hand-holding and for whom a DIY solution does not suffice. We have ambitious plans to tackle this market in the coming months and which we are currently working on.”

According to Boston Consulting Group, India is expected to have upwards of 250 million Internet users by 2014. However, the total number of domains registered in India is only about 3.5 million versus the 220 million domains registered worldwide which represents a huge gap and consequently a huge opportunity.

Commenting on the India opportunity and marketing alliance with BigRock, Nancy Gofus, COO, Public Interest Registry (PIR) said, “When we surveyed businesses and individuals in India about what .ORG means to them, we found a perception which really needed to be refined. .ORG has always stood for trust and goodwill – the challenge was how to translate those attributes to businesses at large.”