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Beyond Devices: Creating Mobile Experiences

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How mobility is transforming business operations and driving personalized, adaptive experiences.

So much ink has been spilled about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as the lynchpin of mobility, when, in reality, the device is really the conduit to something bigger.

Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research, a leading mobile market research firm, views the device as one piece of the mobile equation, which creates the opportunity for new inputs and processes.

“Mobile provides contextual data that didn’t exist before,” she says. “It’s that context that unleashes the potential to do things differently and shape personalized, adaptive, and predictive experiences.”

According to Jeff Loucks and Richard Medcalf of Cisco Consulting Services, these experiences become possible with a “comprehensive BYOD” strategy and an enterprise mobility solution built on an intelligent network.

“Comprehensive BYOD is a systematic approach to mobility that becomes device agnostic,” says Medcalf. “The device connecting isn’t the determining factor. The focus shifts to what’s being delivered on those devices—business and productivity applications, underlying security and policy, and, ultimately, experience.”

“The deliverable is a broad, sound, secure mobile solution,” Loucks adds, “where the user gets to choose the device and the policy determines use and access.”

Mobility Innovation
Look no further than the education sector to see comprehensive BYOD in action. For example, the 5500 students attending 11 public schools in the Andover, Kansas, public school district can “learn mobile” the way they “live mobile” through flipped classroom and blended learning initiatives.

For Rob Dickson, technology director at Andover, everything must begin and end with mobility: “Our mobility strategy hinges on mobile access for every solution or learning innovation. Everything in education now must have that mobile pane of glass.”

Gian Fulgoni, CIO at intu, the United Kingdom’s leading specialist shopping center owner, developer, and manager, is also using that mobile pane of glass to improve business and consumer intelligence, create targeted marketing opportunities, and attract more retailers.

“With mobile business intelligence, our marketing team can personalize intu promotions and better target collaborative promotions with retailers. Mobile has opened up a new world of experiences for us,” says Fulgoni.

Linking Mobile Enablement to Business Goals
In her research and consulting work, Lopez advises organizations to link mobile enablement to business goals. In her view, the mobile journey must be guided by the outcome of the mobile experience.

“I advise organizations to target a goal, map mobile processes to that goal, and then choose the technology elements,” she says.

Following Lopez’s logic, Loucks’ and Medcalf’s emphasis on comprehensive BYOD makes a lot of sense.

“It’s no longer about controlling the device, but more about delivering true business mobility,” says Medcalf. “The device comes alive when it extends and enriches business processes, making it the conduit to a personalized, adaptive experience.”

Courtesy: The content is sourced from a Cisco whitepaper