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Benefits of Cloud services for SMEs in India

With increased technological advancement and the need to ‘stay connected,’ cloud computing has become an integral part of the infrastructure for many small and medium businesses in India.

Majority of SMEs realise that in this age of ‘glocalization’, - where global meets local,’ embracing cloud services allows organisations to reach globally and improve their business.

Unlike the traditional way of investing in IT infrastructure and managing them, cloud computing offers a solution for businesses to rent software or infrastructure as per their needs.

Applications on the cloud allow business workers to access services through the web. Your business need not invest in costly hardware and software.  Cloud computing is generally classified in the following categories –

  • Software as Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as Service (PaaS)

Combinations of the above services allow enterprises to store their data online that help in faster deployment of applications.

Following are some of the common benefits of cloud services –

Flexible – Cloud computing provides 24x7 access, which is extremely important to reach out to the customers around the world. In the present dynamic world of business, companies need to stay-on-top of the competition in the industry. Cloud computing vendors/service providers are available round-the-clock for any updates required.

Scalable – Cloud services provide companies the ability to up-scale or down-scale their IT infrastructure as per the requirement of the business. There is always scope for future expansion with advanced versions of the existing applications or latest developed applications. The company pays as per the usage, which becomes impossible in a fixed infrastructure.

Cost-effective – It cannot be denied that investing in IT can be an extremely difficult venture for a start-up or a small business that needs to concentrate on creating a niche in the market. SMEs need to keep their capital expenses at a check and minimize if possible.  Cloud computing provides them with a sophisticated infrastructure and network that would help them track their business performances across multiple locations at lower cost than  setting up their own IT infrastructure.

The search engine giant Google has also come up with cloud based communication and collaboration tool like Google Apps for Business.

By eliminating the cost power and space restraints of traditional computing your business can greatly benefit from cloud computing. The flexibility of cloud computing will give your business the ability to scale up the service you provide customers, suppliers and partners.