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Actis unveils Virtual Office Solutions

Actis Technologies, pioneers in designing and building communication and collaboration technologies, has unveiled Virtual Office Solutions for corporate India.

A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services. Actis’ Virtual Office Solutions include technologies like virtual meeting, virtual presentation, webinars, intranet, and skill mapping. The technology can be used by individuals and companies to operate a fully fledged business from any remote location, according to an Actis media release.

Says Abhimanyu Gupta, Director, Actis Technologies, “The conservative boundaries of office rooms have opened up to new dimensions. The major beneficiaries of this groundbreaking automated management technology are SMEs, Budding Entrepreneurs, and Large Corporations”.

The applications for Actis’ Virtual Office Solutions are multiple and cost effective. Virtual Office helps in reducingthe traveling costs (especially in cities with infrastructural bottleneck)thereby reducing carbon footprint.Virtual Office solutions can provide large corporations with flexi working options for employees, thereby reducing attrition rate. Also in a changing scenario, the growth of self employed professionals and consultants have increased the need for companies to communicate with them (Partners) on a frequent basis. Virtual office solutions help partners to integrate themselves in the ecosystem of the company. SMEs who are planning to expand to other cities can avail of Virtual Office Solutions and reduce operational costs, the media release said.

Adds Mr. Abhimanyu Gupta, Director, Actis Technologies, “Actis is trusted for its reliable AV solutions and is well renowned for introducing a comprehensive assortment of ICT products for corporate India. Our Virtual Office Solutions are the affordable, hassle-free and a greener alternative to leasing a full-time office space. ”