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Is your content plan effective?

The importance of content marketing for a business cannot be stressed enough. Content marketing helps businesses, small and large, to build a connect with their existing and target customers and spread greater awareness about their products/services. Having a pre-determined content plan ready can help in using content marketing to the best of a business firm’s advantage.

SupportBiz lists some tips for an effective business content plan.

1.     Keep track of industry trends.

It is crucial for a business to constantly keep track of the trends prevailing in the industry at any given point of time. You should be aware of what is happening in your industry and the changes in market conditions. The content that you put out on your social media platforms, videos, corporate blog, newsletters and other marketing mediums should reflect these changing industry trends.

Posting situational content will help you establish a better relationship with your target readers. It will also help you grab eyeballs immediately.

2.     Update regularly.

A social media platform or a blog not consistently updated gives readers the message that you do not value them enough.

Hence, ensure that you put up posts on a consistent basis. Your readers should be able to depend on you regarding your frequency of posting content. At the same time, it is necessary that you do not overdo it. Do not put up way too much content and spam the inboxes of readers. This is a wrong approach to content marketing, which will only serve to put your readers off you.

3.     Tell stories through your content.

People do not like reading promotional material about a business or its products/services. However, they do like reading stories. Hence, content marketing can be made more effective by narrating interesting stories through your content.

On your corporate blog, videos, tweets, Facebook posts and all other content sharing platforms, ensure that you showcase content in an interesting and attention-grabbing way. Your content might be promotional in nature, but you should be able to put it across in a way that does not seem blatantly promotional. You should be able to get your readers read all your posts, entirely, and act on them.

4.     Use different types of content.

It is not a great idea to put up the same type of content every day. This might make it boring and uninteresting to your readers.

Instead, experiment with different types of content. Use pictures, text posts, videos, podcasts, graphics and infographics in your posts. Offer a wide variety of content to your readers, and check what kind of post garners the best response from them.

5.     Focus on providing quality content to readers.

While writing keyword-centric posts is essential for SEO and for your content to get a wider audience, it is good to not overdo it. Remember that you are writing for humane readers, and not for search engines.

Your main aim should be providing quality content to your readers. Making it search engine-friendly should be only a secondary purpose. Otherwise, your content will look too artificial and contrived, failing to establish a connect with readers.

6.     Be original.

Providing original content to your readers is as important as providing them fresh content. Taking ideas from other blogs or websites is not unacceptable, but do not forget to give them due credit. Similarly, copying and pasting entire posts/articles from other websites is not a great thing to do. This will only damage your reputation among your readers, when discovered.

Be original in the content that you offer to your readers on different platforms, at all costs.

7.     Consider investing in good content writers.

Hiring one or more good content writers for your firm is not an unnecessary expenditure, but an investment. This will, ultimately, help you put out quality content on a consistent basis, which will, in turn, increase your readership base, thus increasing your scope for sales and profits.

You might want to consider hiring a team of content writers for your business, if you are too busy to write quality content yourself.

8.     Keep track of analytics.

Keep an eye on the analytics for your content, on a regular basis. This will help you understand what type of content interests most of your readers and gets the best response from them.

You can formulate your content strategy accordingly, based on the results obtained by studying the analytics. Your content will be most effective that way.


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